Clara D Bryant

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Clara D Bryant

Clara D Bryant

Clara Fernaldo is Founder and CEO of Clara Fernaldo Fashion and cosmetics, a company that created cosmetics and clothing designed for women launched in 2013, the Clara Fernaldo brand is unique in the sense that quality is job one. The cosmetic brand offers skincare and cosmetics, including Fragrances are sold throughout the world including the United States, Canada, UK, France, Africa, and the Caribbean.

In 2013, Clara Fernaldo, announced its strategic alliance with Nollywood Shops. Under the licensing and distribution agreement, the prestige brand once again broke convention and is now available at all Nollywood Shops worldwide.

In addition to running a global beauty company, Clara Fernaldo is actively involved in several charities, including The Santa for Nollywood, a non-profit organization involved in providing toys and clothing to under privilege children in Africa.

Ever evolving, Clara Fernaldo is co-host of many events and her service is in high demand. Clara Fernaldo began her career in 2012 as a model and has challenged the prevailing notions of beauty ever since. Clara Fernaldo was born in Zambia and grew up speaking four languages. She is currently studying Business management.

Her first Actress assignment was for Klims Clothing NYC and she is one of the most photographic faces in the industry.