Easy Asian Wings Recipe Ever

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Easy Asian Wings Recipe Ever

Easy Asian Wings Recipe Ever

We were so burned out from hours upon hours of cooking during the holidays that by New Year's Eve, we wanted to order in Chinese. We did not order in , but we tried to make life as easy for ourselves as possible. I looked to see what I had in my freezer and fridge and decided on chicken.

Now, because it was still a special holiday, I wanted to make something special, but easy. We had a few people coming over with a bunch of kids and I had my own four kids. I decided to make the chicken tenderloins I had in the freezer for the adults but to also have my husband pick up a lot of wings so that the kids would be extra satisfied.

My husband is great when it comes to shopping (and other things) but he went a bit nuts with the wings. He bought nine pounds!!  That's a lot of wings! I looked for some ingredients with which to marinate them and found some tamari sauce in two separate bottles. I wanted to use them up so made that the base of my marinade. I added some sesame oil, hot sauce and that was it. I knew we'd have leftovers so I decided to marinate them all, cook them, eat them later in the week and then freeze them if we still had extra.

We did not have much time before the guests came so I created a very simple marinade and shoved all those wings into two large ziplocs. (They now sell two-gallon ziplocs but I used 2 one-gallon bags.) I marinated them for about 1/2 hour but they probably would have been even better had they been marinating over night.

We had the Big Green Egg Smoker Grill going but these wings could have been baked just as easily. The kids went crazy, we ate the wings for every meal for days and writing this post I just realized that I still have some in the freezer so guess what's for dinner tonight? You guessed it-WINGS!

Making your own wings is a lot healthier than buying them prepared and now you see how easy it is. Enjoy!