Why Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Has To Be a Winner : Investor Review

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Why Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Has To Be a Winner : Investor Review

Why Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Has To Be a Winner : Investor Review

Microsoft experienced its fair share of wins and losses in 2014. It started the year abysmally with the disastrous launch of its gaming console, the Xbox One, and the poor reception of its attempt to appease customers via the Windows 8.1 update. Moreover, the failure of the Windows Phone 8, despite Microsoft’s best efforts, is sure to have an adverse effect on investor confidence in the company.

Despite this, the Redmond-based tech giant has shown great resilience. It has expanded its horizons and attempted to become omnipresent as a company, by not only linking itself to its own products’ success but to that of other platforms as well.

Echoing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s sentiments about “Mobile First, Cloud First,” the company has been aggressive on the Windows Phone front, despite receiving mixed responses for its efforts. By making Windows Mobile free for all mobile devices under 9-inches, Microsoft has opened the doors to generic Chinese OEMs to mass produce its devices in the near future.

Adding to its arsenal is the Surface Pro 3, a laptop-tablet hybrid that effectively combines high-end hardware with portability and good pricing, and which has had a great response among critics and users alike.

Microsoft Corp’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) reorganization has been taken positively by most investors with the step to finally launch Office for iPad. The move has been appreciated as Microsoft seems to be reprieving its role in the hardware sector and is set to focus on its software aspect of development; with a focus on mobile and cloud development. The latter has seen much progress toward making it a key player in the cloud-computing market alongside IBM, Intel Corp, and Amazon Inc.

This has also fueled rumors that the tech company might decide to spin off its Xbox brand in the near future to release capital and reiterate its determination to control the cloud market, or at the very least have a critical mass in its operations.

Windows 10 is a success that Microsoft, as well as the overall industry, needs at any cost. It might be the pivotal factor in how Microsoft approaches technology. Effectively, Windows 10 is expected to bridge the gap between desktops and mobiles as the architectures move increasingly closer to each another.

Windows 10 is like Windows 8 redesigned in the frame of Windows 7, bringing back the much coveted Start Menu that has caused so much anguish for the company, as consumers cite it as one of the reasons they are not willing to adapt to Windows 8 or 8.1.

However, for investors and analysts, the bigger upgrades will be the salient ones. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) are already far ahead in the race to build their own ecosystems. While Microsoft might be late to the party, it has a crown jewel that most companies lack: Windows.

To achieve its lofty goals of cloud and mobile domination, with the latter looking close to impossible, it is imperative Windows 10 achieves widespread adoption. In today’s fragmented world, many users prefer the familiarity that Windows offers, as well as the functionality that cross-platform applications bring. This is primarily the reason Microsoft has been so aggressive with its push in the mobile and tablet market; Bing, its search engine, can be used to monetize its platform, while low cost would incentivize more users to jump ship to Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s ambitions have not been completely unfounded as its release of Windows RT for ARM-based processors has led to other PC manufacturers to expand their operations into the tablet market. Windows might not be gaining market share, but it is fast evolving from a desktop OS to a mobile one. It would not be surprising to see Windows for ARM devices that functions identically to its X86 variant.

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